About Qbis

Qbis is an employment agency that helps jobseekers from Greece find a job in the Netherlands in such sectors as logistics, food industry, metalworking, construction, information technology and agriculture.

What makes us different from other staffing agencies?

Unlike many other employment agencies Qbis doesn't charge jobseekers for using their services. The aim of Qbis is to encourage open communication with a job seeker abroad and to provide correct information about working and living conditions. We ask every recruited worker to share his or her experience in the Netherlands which allows you to get to know more about Qbis services and peculiarities of working in the Netherlands. In 2010, as far as 84% of the recruited workers commented positively on Qbis services.

Services of recruitment agency UAB Qbis

Qbis is specialised in selecting staff for the Dutch labour market in mainly the production-, agricultural- and technical sectors. Qbis interviews Greek people mostly with video conferences though skype. Due to the increasing need in foreign staff selected by Qbis, Qbis will expend their services in the near future to other European countries.

Beside selecting staff, Qbis helps people that used to work in the Netherlands claiming their taxes back.