Services we offer

Qbis is an employment agency that helps workers from Greece to find a job in the Netherlands in such sectors as logistics, food industry, metalworking, construction, information technology, scaffolding and agriculture.

Working abroad 2011

The section Working abroad 2011 gives an overview of the job offers we expect to come up in 2011 and information on the courses we arrange in order to meet the requirements of our clients. Beside this we give a short overview on what what has been happening around Qbis in 2010.

Professional practice in the Netherlands

As a result of the increasing interest among Lithuanian students in professional practice abroad Qbis offers a possibility of professional practice in the Netherlands. The programme has been launched successfully: in 2010 over 50 trainees from Lithuania completed professional practice in the agricultural sector in the Netherlands. In the near future we plan to offer a wider range of placements for professional practice.

Tax return

For those who have worked in the Netherlands Qbis can help with the tax return procedures. Our agency is registered at the Dutch Tax Administration and has a special Becon number for tax consultants. This assures effective and smooth communication with the Dutch Tax Administration. People that have been working in the Netherlands through Qbis receive a pre-filled form from Qbis after the tax year has ended. For more information on tax return services please go to