Plater jobs

Work as a plater in the Netherlands

We work with different partners in the Netherlands that have a need for experienced ship builders, also called: platers. Platers that go to work though us in the Netherlands start working at companies such as NMC and Scheepswerfmade were they work on yaughts, cargo ships and pontoons.
Most of the work takes place inside of docks. Ships are built by platers that work indepentdently according to technical drawings. After the plater is finished with his work the welder starts his work.

Which disciplines should a plater understand

As a plater you need to assemble ship hulls, build blocks (sections) of ships or mount different equipment to the inside of the ship. The job consists of the following handlings:

  1. Cutting and shaping of parts such as keel; ribs; sidings and support structures using hand tools and power tools.
  2. Construction and shaping of metal frames; structures and other parts according to blueprint specifications.
  3. Attaching metal parts such as fillings; plates and bulkheads to the ship, using brace and bits, augers and wrenches.
  4. Establishing dimensional reference points; make templates of parts and locate machinery and equipment to the ship.
  5. Smoothening and finishing of ship surfaces using power sander, broadax, adz and paint. After this the surfaces are waxed to give a nice finish.

Requirements and application

Platers should have at least several years experience of building new ships independently according to technical drawings. In order to communicate with your manager you should speak English or German.

If you are interested in working as a plater in the Netherlands please register yourself for free or contact us.