Tax refund

Everybody who has worked legally in the Netherlands at least for a couple of weeks will be interested in the tax refund. A lot of previous and present workers in the Netherlands expressed their interest in the tax refund. This is why Qbis started in 2009 helping people that worked in the Netherlands, getting their tax refund. As a result the webpage was created.

How to get a tax refund through Qbis?

Qbis is registered at the Dutch Tax Administration and has a special Becon number which is issued to all agencies providing tax refund consultations. This number guarantees an effective communication with the Dutch Tax Administration.

In 2010 Qbis provided assistance in tax refund procedures to over 150 employees who had worked in the Netherlands in 2009. The total amount of taxes refunded was 120 000 EUR.

Everybody who has worked in the Netherlands may contact Qbis. To initiate the tax refund procedure you have to submit your annual payslip (jaaropgaaf) and fill in a  tax refund form where you will have to indicate the start- and end dates of your employment, bank details and authorise Qbis to start the tax refund process.

All workers recruited by Qbis since 2010 receive a tax refund form by email on February of each year. It has to be printed out, completed and delivered to our office’s address (V. Šopeno g. 5/24, Vilnius) with the annual payslip enclosed.

Everybody who worked in the Netherlands in 2009 either through Qbis or on their own can claim a tax refund through which provides information on the tax refund procedure and terms and conditions.

How much taxes are refunded?

The amount of the tax refunded will depend on the job duration in the Netherlands, type of the contract with the employer, number of hours worked, whether or not you worked overtime, on the weekends and public holidays. As every case is different more information on how much money can be refunded will be provided individually. In 2010, the average amount or refund was € 790,-

We would like to help you getting your taxes refund!