Welder jobs

Work as welder in the Netherlands

In 2011 Qbis decided to specialise in recruiting welders and other technical professionals for employment agencies in the Netherlands. Since then, experienced welders left to work in the Netherlands for different types of clients.

Qbis is always looking for welders that have experience with welding MIG/MAG processes (135, 136) and TIG welders (141). As well there is a need for welders that have experience with welding pipes with TIG and electrodes (141-111).

Different jobs for different welders

For MIG/MAG (135/136) welders there are possibilities to work in Dutch shipyards where ship hulls, blocks and sections have to be welded after the plater connected the different parts together. Most of these jobs are done inside of a hall.
As well there are possibilities for MIG/MAG welders to work in construction companies or factories where parts of black metal needs to be welded.

For TIG welders (141) there are mainly possibilities to work in factories. A big part of these factories are manufacturing food production machines which are made often of stainless steel.
As well there are many jobs for aluminium welders in other types of factories.

For pipe welders (141-111 or only 141) these are possibilities to work in shipyards and as well in food or heavy industry companies. In shipyards mainly pipes that are made of black metal needs to be welded together. In food- or heavy industries mainly pipes made of steel or stainless steel are welded.

Requirements and application

Welders should be able to read technical drawings and should be able to compose and work independently. In order to do this you should have at least several years of professional welding experience.

If you are interested to work as a welder in the Netherlands, register yourself for free or contact us.