Work abroad 2013

The section Working abroad 2013 gives an overview of job offers available at Qbis and Dutch labour market.

Job offers

The list of job offers on our webpage is kept up to date. As a result of having partners in different fields, job offers come from such sectors as logistics, food industry, metalworking, agriculture and construction. If you are interested in a job offer and meet the candidate requirements and have relevant experience please contact us and we will review your application.

Presently all job offers are in the Netherlands. However in the future Qbis plans to offer jobs for Greeks in other countries and in a bigger variety of sectors such as IT, healthcare and service.

Courses offered by Qbis

To make sure the recruited employees have sufficient professional and language skills to meet the requirements set by our partners this year we offer a possibility to improve your English or Dutch skills and enrol in a training to become a CNC operator or tiler.  Currently Qbis cooperates with a number of professional schools specialising in training of various specialists.

Facts on working abroad 2013

In 2012 more than 900 workers from Lithuania and Latvia were employed in the Netherlands through Qbis and this number is only to increase. In 2013 Qbis plans to offer employment to even more people.

In 2012 the unemployment rate in the Netherlands was the lowest in Europe, which will have an impact on the job offers by Qbis in 2012. Unlike previous years, the Dutch labour market now needs more specialists with technical education from Lithuania and Latvia, which indicates economic recovery. Moreover a great number of German technical workers working in the Netherlands have returned home.

If you have any questions on working abroad 2013 please contact us for more updated information.