Work in the Netherlands

Work in the Netherlands since 2007
When Qbis started its business in 2007, we could offer only few spheres to work in. The first group of employees worked in warehouses, factories, industry. At that moment there was lack of information about life conditions, accommodation and procedure of employment.

Expending its bussiness and improving services, Qbis offers more and more spheres for all candidates willing to work in the Netherlands.

Demand for workers was rising and Qbis started its business in Latvia. Our partners in Holland can offer not only unqualified jobs but also positions for skilled workers. There is significant demand for technical staff. In column Work in the Netherlands 2013 you will find information about vacancies for qualified workers.
Qbis partners provide fast and qualified employment services. Also agencies try to ensure the best life and work conditions. All information which is given during the interview is renewed and Qbis maintain close relationship with all the employees who work in the Netherlands. By communicating with current workers, we can be more precise while informing new candidates.

What is necessary to know before going to the Netherlands
Having all experience gained within long years of businees let us inform you about changes and conditions in the Netherlands.

In this column we will give not only the information about the work in the Netherlands 2012 but we will also introduce you to services of employment agencies. We will explain you why it is safe, easy and fast to work through recruitment agency in the Netherlands.

The most relevant information is given to you. Before taking a decision it is important to sum up all facts such as salary, life conditions, accommodation and how much everything will cost.

Information about trip to Holland will help you to choose the best option for traveling.

We want that you decision to work in a new country be reasonable and motivated. Qbis wish you all the best in the Netherlands.