If you have trouble finding a job in Greece and would like to be recruited to work in the Netherlands the easiest way to do this is to turn to employment agencies for help. With 1.3 million jobs on the offer and annual income of 10 billion EUR employment agencies play an important role in the country’s economy, society and labour market. Services of employment agencies are widely used not only by job seekers from Greece and other countries but also by Dutch people.

Why employment agencies?

The majority of Dutch companies resort to employment agencies as the simplest means to find employees. This way they assume less responsibility when hiring and dismissing personnel, save time on recruiting, even payments to employees are handled by the employment agency. According to the Dutch law employment agencies are not allowed to charge job seekers for their services. They get paid by the companies seeking employees. This is the principle that Qbis has been successfully applying in Greece.

When workers from Greece are recruited a Dutch employment agency takes care of the job related paperwork, their accommodation and transport as well as salary payments. It is the employment agency and not the company that are your contact persons upon arrival to the Netherlands.

The original goal of employment agencies in the Netherlands was to recruit temporary staff during the busiest periods of Christmas and Easter and offer a replacement in unskilled jobs for permanent personnel while on sick or holiday leave.

This situation of temporary staff, however, has greatly changed. On more and more occasions job seekers from Greece go to the Netherlands to work in permanent positions. Until recently the majority of workers from Greece were recruited by Qbis for unskilled job positions in factories, warehouses or agriculture. However, entering into contact with new employment agencies we have noticed a higher demand for skilled Greek workers such as welders, CNC operators, window fitters, painters, scaffolders.

Characteristics of temporary employment in the Netherlands

The Netherlands was the country where employer and employee first signed a temporary employment agreement. Such type of employment encourages economic growth and the agreement represents the wish of employment agencies to recruit employees that are flexible in terms of job period, working hours, residence and transport.
In a great number of cases the contract is indefinite, however, our partners prefer if workers stay to work in the Netherlands for as long as possible. Under temporary employment agreement the worker may take a week’s or two weeks’ holiday every three or four months. If you want to go on vacation it is necessary to inform the employment agency a few weeks in advance.

If you are interested in being recruited to work in the Netherlands, temporary employment is a great solution to unemployment and an opportunity to gain work experience abroad.