Traveling to the Netherlands

Step 4 of the Qbis selection process is the trip to the Netherlands.

Travelling by minibus

In order to ensure a trouble free and smooth trip we work together with a transport company in charge of taking people to the Netherlands by minibuses.

Travelling by minibus is convenient because you get delivered straight to the intended destination and there are no strict restrictions on the luggage. All you have to do is book a seat on the minibus a couple of days before the trip.

The trip to the Netherlands costs about 100 EUR.

To book a seat on the minibus please contact us.

Other means of transportation

You may also travel by car. If you take your car the employment agency may ask you to use it for work, i.e. commute to and from work, give a lift to other employees. In this case the transport expenses incurred would be reimbursed.

Whatever way of travelling to the Netherlands you choose remember to take necessary travel documents with you and arrive to the destination on time. More detailed information about the trip to the Netherlands will be provided once your departure has been confirmed.