Working in the Netherlands 2013

The section Working in the Netherlands 2013 outlines the main employment related tendencies in the Netherlands in 2013.

Skilled jobs in the Netherlands 2013

In the course of establishing contacts with partners in the Netherlands we have noticed the demand for skilled workers is on the increase. Already back in 2011 there were jobs for experienced loader operators, mechanics, painters, carpenters, window fitters and CNC operators. In 2013 we plan to employ even a bigger number of specialists from Greece. As skilled workers are required to have related work experience and speak a foreign language in 2013 we will work with different professional schools and offer a possibility to improve English or Dutch language skills.

Different sectors for different seasons

Our job offer has always depended on the season and 2013 is no exception as the sector activity in the Netherlands changes with the season. The busiest season is summer and the slowest is winter, i.e. January and February. The agricultural sector experiences the biggest seasonal influence with the jobs starting in March and ending in September. Some agricultural workers, however, stay through the winter season to take part in the preparatory work for the next period.

In logistics and food industries the busiest time is December as the holiday demand for foods is especially high and its distribution throughout the country does not stop even on public holidays. The slowest months in the sector are November, January and February.

The technical sector is active all year round. Dutch companies often engage in early panning of long term projects and hire in advance. The section Working abroad 2013 gives information about changes in this sector.

Construction works in the Netherlands depend on the weather conditions. As soon as it starts freezing the works are put on hold, however, this lasts only for a week or two per year. The majority of construction companies close down for Christmas and summer holidays.

Qbis statistics

To account for every year of its activity, Qbis has been collecting statistical data on its performance, jobs in the Netherlands and recruited employees since the beginning of 2009.

For more information on employment related statistics please go to Qbis statistics.