Qbis requirements

Applicants applying for job positions in the Netherlands face with strict Qbis requirements. In most cases applicants should know English or German languages. Applicants who are able to speak any of these languages, have enough motivation and relevant work experience will be given priority during the selection process.

Dutch employment agencies set stricter language and experience requirements for skilled workers than for unskilled positions. Skilled workers are also provided with better accommodation and compensation for transport expenses. Agricultural workers are not required to have any qualification or  good knowledge of English. However, they will have to share accommodation with other people, pay rent and in most cases go to work by bicycles.

Language requirements

If you are interested in finding a job in the Netherlands through Qbis, you should have at least basic conversational skills in English or German.

For work in agriculture the language requirements are not so strict as we have a possibility to join workers'  groups where only a few have sufficient language skills. However, the priority will be given to applicants with knowledge of English or German.

All other positions strictly require applicants to speak English or German.

Knowledge of Dutch is optional but some of our partners may provide a possibility for long term workers to study the language.

Most Dutch people speak good English and German and our partners in the Netherlands are not an exception.

Work experience requirements

Usually applicants applying for positions in factories, warehouses or agriculture are not required to have similar work experience. On the contrary, skilled jobs  require at least a few years of relevant experience. When we offer candidates for skilled jobs we send their CV in English to the Dutch agencies. So if you are looking for a job in a particular field, please attach a thorough CV in English or German to your application while registering on our webpage.

Face to face interview or interview over Skype

If your language skills and work experience meet the requirements set by Qbis we will contact you for an interview in our office in Vilnius. During the interview we will discuss your experience and possibilities to work in the Netherlands, find out your expectations, tell you about our job offers and provide detailed information about work and live conditions in the Netherlands. We will also test your language skills and check your identity, so please remember to bring a valid identity card or passport. If you cannot come to Vilnius, we can arrange an interview over Skype, however, you must have a video camera and headset. Because Greece is far from Lithuania, we will take all interviews with Greeks who are interested, though skype.

The Dutch employer is almost never present in the selection process in Lithuania. During the interview Qbis consultants are responsible for selecting candidates for a particular vacancy and forward their applications to our partners. However, it is the Dutch employment agency that makes the final decision on the application.

Necessary documents

Upon your arrival to the Netherlands you must have a valid passport or ID card. In many cases our partners ask for the following candidate's information in advance: bank account details, photo, CV in English or German. All the details are discussed during the interview and the list of necessary things to take is provided before departure.