Automotive assembly technician


Last updated on: 2017-02-27
Location: Tilburg
Number of people needed: 5
Start date: 2017-03-13

Job description:

Tesla is looking for a Rectification Associate who is willing to work at one of the most innovative car brands in the world. Within this position, you will be responsible for checking and correcting our cars at the end of the assembly line. You can work independently. If you have time to spare, you will pro-actively help your colleagues changing tires et cetera.  

• You are an automotive technician and will inspect, repair and rectify Tesla electric vehicles after the assembly process.
• You can cope with/handle different kinds of tools, machines and equipment.
• You will inspect, maintain and certify the equipment.
• You will check vehicles before delivery.
• You will keep good records of time, costs and materials.
• You will contribute to the cleaning of the cars and the service center.
• You can handle different tasks simultaneously, set the right priorities, organize your own schedule and can deal with deadlines.


• 1 to 3 years experience with methods, techniques, parts, tools and materials used for maintenance and repair of automobiles.
• Experience with testing and diagnostic equipment, high voltage (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), hydraulics, brakes, test and repair of electronic systems and modules.
• You’re able to operate and maintain a large number of tools, machines and devices.
• Experience with technical automotive service equipment and methods.
• Experience with the use of scanning tools, after diagnosis and delineation work / multimeters.
• Working in a three-shift operation is not a problem.
• You have a valid driver’s license

Language: You should be able to have a conversation in English or German.


Magdalena Paskeviciene
Magdalena Paskeviciene
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T +370 5 213 1164
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