Butcher - seller


Last updated on: 2017-02-24
Location: Weißenburg
Number of people needed: 1
Start date: 2017-03-22

Job description:

Our partner from Germany is locking for butcher-seller. You will work in butcher's shop. Your main job is to sell meat.


You need have:
- have similar job experience;
- want stay in Germany for a long time;
- motivation, flexibility;
- own car is big advantage.

Language: At least german B2
Driving license: B


Svajune Jasaite
Svajune Jasaite
E svajune@qbis.lt
M +370 655 01 848
T +370 5 213 1164
A Sv.Stepono 24C, 01314 Vilnius
W www.qbis.lt