Pepper factory worker


Last updated on: 2017-03-06
Location: Holland
Number of people needed: 1
Start date: 2017-03-10

Job description:

As a food factory worker you need to fill in pepper with cheese (goat cheese or blue cheese). These peppers are used in BBQ packages.
Another function of you might be to fill in cups with sauces.
You will work in the company which is supplying the food for the Horeca (Hotel, restaurant, cafeterias)


As a food factory worker you must be ready to work fast and efficient.
You need to be aware about hygiene rules as well.

Language: Good English


Ricardas Tenene
Ricardas Tenene
M +370 655 68 275
Ricardas Tenene
T +370 5 213 1164
A Sv.Stepono 24C, 01314 Vilnius