Start of recruitment agency UAB Qbis

In 2007 there was a strong economical growth in the Netherlands that leaded to a shortage in employees in mainly the Logistics and production sectors. Johan van Zutphen (Dutch) came to Lithuania and decided, together with Sergej Naumcik to bundle forces and start from a 14 m2 office a recruiting agency specialising in recruiting Lithuanian staff for the Dutch labour market. The combination of a Dutch- and a Lithuanian entrepreneur starting a company together seem to be successfull. In the years that followed Qbis became one of the bigger recruiting agencies in Lithuania.

Timeline Qbis

2013 - Greek Branch Website www.qbis.gr

2012 - registration opened for work in Germany

2011 #25.000 registration on www.qbis.lt

2011 Starting of technical department

2010 Starting of a Latvian department www.qbis.lv

2010 #10.000 registration on www.qbis.lt

2010 Starting Tax refund service www.mokesciu-grazinimas.lt

2009 Moving to office on V. Sopeno g. Vilnius

2007 Start in small office in Vilnius

Current situation

In 2011 there are over 800 Lithuanian and 50 Latvian working in the Netherlands through Qbis. Qbis is a long term orientated company that is mainly focused on satisfactory of both- jobseekers and employers. By using new technologies on internet we try to develop our service further which results to bigger chances in finding a perfect match between jobseeker and employer and to stay as close as possible to the people that work through Qbis in the Netherlands.

By getting great support from people that are working in the Netherlands recruiting agency Qbis is willing to grow and improve their service day by day.