Practice in the Netherlands

Recently the interest among young people in gaining practical knowledge abroad rather than only theoretic has increased therefore since 2010 the agency Qbis offers a professional practice programme in the Netherlands.

Practice abroad allows students to learn about the work specifics, foreign employers and their expectations and increases the possibility of future graduates to find a job internationally. Moreover, professional practice in a foreign company helps you gain international work experience, broadens your horizons and lets you know a foreign culture. Students are mostly interested in professional practice abroad to be able to travel, make new friends and last but not least make some money.

Why professional practice in the Netherlands?

Students eagerly go to the Netherlands because it is an attractive country for its liberal views and social-cultural life. The first students sent to the Netherlands by Qbis had their practice in agriculture. The Dutch agricultural sector is far more developed than Greek in terms of both technology and work culture. Students are offered a possibility to practically learn about the processes of output cultivation, preparation and logistics as well as work in the environment that promotes competitiveness, business orientation and motivation.

Unlike other agencies offering programmes of professional practice Qbis does not charge you any fees. The living costs are quite low therefore students opting for professional practice in the Netherlands will not have to spend a lot of money, they will be provided with free accommodation and transport and a chance to make about 600 EUR per month.

Professional practice options

In 2010 Qbis found practice placements for 50 students from different Lithuanian schools. Next year twice as many placements are expected. We have plans to find placements not only in the agricultural sector but also in engineering and recreation.

Professional practice in the Netherlands is a great way not only to make money, gain experience and know a foreign culture but also apply Dutch innovative ideas in Greece.