Employ Greek staff

Advantages of lithuanian staff

The main advantages of Greek staff that are selected by Qbis is the ability to speak English and their motivation to stay for a longer period of time in the Netherlands. Among the Greek that are selected by Qbis and going to work in the Netherlands two third is in between 20 and 30 years old. Almost all candidates that go to the Netherlands are able to communicate in English.

Qbis selection

By providing a free service to job seekers for finding them a job, Qbis tries to attract as much candidates as possible. This improves the chances in selecting the right Greek staff for an interview. During this interview the skills of the candidate are checked and the candidate receives detailed information about employment in the Netherlands.

Qbis doesn't need to advertise much as candidates are advertising for them. More than half of the candidates that work through Qbis in the Netherlands found Qbis through friends.

Technical staff

By having the right person with technical knowledge running interviews and by modifying the selection software, Qbis specialised in selecting technical employees employees for the dutch labour market. Beside the selection of staff, Qbis is as well able to organise professional courses. Many technical employees left to work to the Netherlands in different disciplines. Beside the selection of suitable candidates according to C.V. Qbis is as well able to make video of technical Greek staff.