Advantages of Greek employees

English language

Our current partners see as main advantage of Greek employees that are selected by recruiting agency Qbis that they speak a rather good level of English. The ability to communicate in English is not important for all positions that are filled in by international staff but for receiving (job) instructions and giving feedback to the manager, a basic level of English is of a great advantage for both employer and employee. Beside this, the ability to communicate with local staff, decreases the gap between international- and local staff which is good for the productivity and atmosphere on the workfloor. Of all the employees that work through us in the Netherlands at least 95% is able to communicate in English.

Duration of stay of Greek employees

Greek employees that are selected by Qbis will on an average be employed for 250 days in the Netherlands (still counting, trainees and people that started recently are included in this calculation). This number shows how important it is for Qbis to look for long term relationships between jobseekers and employers by maintaining a high quality selection and providing up-to-date information to jobseekers and our partners. Another reason why Greek employees stay for a long period of time in the Netherlands is the long travel distance to their home country, the willingness to work during (religious) holidays and the ability to stay in touch with home using internet.

Young employees

Around 70% of all employees that are selected by Qbis and working on this moment in the Netherlands are between 20 and 30 years old. The average age of the total group is around 28,5 years. Due to the increasing need from international recruiting agencies for younger workers and practical trainees Qbis expects that the average age will go down.