Selection of Greek workers

Unlike many other agencies, Qbis doesn't charge candidates any fee for finding them a suitable job but charges the employer (often foreign recruiting agencies) for the selection of Greek staff. This makes it possible to select the right candidate from a big group of people.

How does the selection of Greek workers look like?

Qbis receives every day around 20 new appliations from jobseekers that are willing to work in the Netherlands. When an applicant matches the profile of a vacancy that is set up by partners, Qbis invites the candidate for a job interview in their office or by Skype.

During the jobinterview the jobseeker is screened and rated by 'professional skills', 'language skills', 'human skills' and 'motivation'. These ratings are used as a basis for the further selection. On the moment Qbis receives a joboffer, the jobseeker which is rated best will leave to the Netherlands. By having people ready to go to the Netherlands, Qbis is able to fullfill requests on a very short term.

On the moment that the departure is confirmed Qbis collects all personal data that is needed for setting up a working contract and sends these data, together with a passportscan to the client before the candidate arrives to the Netherlands by minibus.

Reputation among jobseekers

The following statistics show that Qbis has built up a strong reputation among Lithuanian jobseekers in the international labour market in the last 5 years:

60 per cent of a total of 850 people that work through us in the Netherlands and 55 per cent (16.750) of a total of 25.000 registrations found Qbis through friends (see figure below).

From the 240 (2011) references we received from people that are working in the Netherlands 86% is possitive about the service of Qbis.

Another 30 per cent of the jobseekers found Qbis through Google, 5 per cent through advertising websites and 4 per cent through Facebook which shows the importance of new media in the selection of Greek staff.

How did you hear about us?