Technical staff

Focus on the selection on technical staff

From the beginning of 2011 Qbis started a technical division that is focused on the selection of technical staff for the Dutch labour market. So far succesfull, as almost 100 Lithuanian specialists left to work in the Netherlands from which only a few returned. This is made possible by developing software (which makes it possible to search efficient) and having the right person with technical knowledge running the selection.

Which types of specialists can Qbis recruit

Qbis has recently recruited following specialists: electricians, scaffolders, welders, platers, IT'specialists, ship engineers, window fitters, painters, carpenters, (car)mechanics and CNC operators. If you are looking in a certain specialist, Qbis will be able to check on a short term if a suitable candidate is available.

How does Qbis select technical specialists?

In the past 2 years there were over 25.000 people that registered themself on from which there are a great amount of specialists. Qbis is able to search by keyword in the C.V.'s of the jobseeker and so able to come to a overview of people with the right skills. After there is a match, Qbis invites the candidate to their office and check, if necesary, there certificates and references. During this interview as well the professional skills of the candidate is checked and in some cases Qbis records a video of the professional skils of the candidates so that our partners can check the qualification of a specialist with their own eyes. If not the right candidates are available Qbis could organise courses wherein motivated people can get a good professional basis to start to work in the Netherlands as a technical specialist.