Each employee that is recruited through Qbis gets 14 days after his starting of the job a feedback form wherin the employee is able to rate the agency and Qbis.

The agency is rated on the following points: General rating (possitive, neutral or negative) transportation; payment of the salary; communication; job this person is performing and; accomodation. The outcome of these feedbacks are used for internal use only and communicated to the client in order for them to improve their service.

Qbis is rated on the following points: General rating (possitive, neutral or negative), information that is given to the jobseeker and communication. The outcome of these feedbacks are shown on the website. In September 2011, out of 261 of the people that left a feedback, 87% rated Qbis positive.

Qbis statistics

The employment details of people that work through Qbis abroad are saved in our database. This makes it possible to show some interesting details on:

  • Number of people employed: Shows the total amount of people that are employed through Qbis in a certain period. In three years there is was growth from 50 people in 2008 to 800 people in 2011.
  • Number of starters vs stoppers: Shows the number of started vs stopped employments. It shows in which period how many people start and stop to work.
  • Employment duration: Shows how long people are working abroad through Qbis. In these statistics you have to take in consideration that a lot of people have started their employment recently and so the graph will show different results when you only look at the people that started f.e. a year ago (it shows that the average duration of stay is over 250 days).